Listen to all, but do what you think is right

Aristotle once remarked-‘A man is a social animal’. It’s natural to be affected by others while taking any decision. A person who is easily affected by others can’t take a firm step grow himself/herself. In life, we should take any decision regarding our life ourselves without being affected by anybody else. Let me tell-why?

An eye opener story- A man & his son were going to a fair with an ass. Some people saw them in the way and laughed at them because they were going on foot even they had an ass. The father & son thought that the people were right.So, they had a ride on the ass.

Just after travelling a short distance, they met with some people who again commented on them as both of them were heavy for the ass and they were cruel to the ass. Both thought that the people were right again. So, the father got down.

Again, after some time, they met with some more people who commented on the son because he was riding on the ass without caring for his father who was old and weak and had to move on foot.

The son realized his fault and he got down. He made his father ride on the ass. After going a little further, they met some more people who commented on the rudeness of the father because his young son was going on foot.

Finally, the father and the son realized that to follow people is not possible. So, they must do whatever they think is right.

What does this story reveal? If we take a decision due to the influence of others, we’ll have to regret. Actually, the circumstances for each person is completely different from others. So, each and every person reacts to any event on the basis of his/her own situation. Hence, what is right for others is completely wrong for us. To succeed everyone needs a different way. One can’t be successful by copying anybody.

We must keep some points in mind while taking any decision:

I.Listen to all- Today the listening capacity of people is very low. Our life has become too fast to listen others. But, we must remember : Leaders or successful persons talk less, listen more.

We¬† must listen to all as it provides us sufficient ¬†material to take a proper decision. Sometimes we get such an info through others which is not in our mind. So, please…please…listen to others.

II.Take a decision which is suits you- On the basis of available resources you should take a decision which is suitable to you not for pleasing others. Consider every aspect of the situation to reach at any result. Always remember that you may have to regret if you take a decision due to any pressure.

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  1. Bhupesh Srivastava | Reply

    Informative and inspiring..


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