Ways to stress free life

With the change in time our daily life is also changing. We are facing hefty competition in every section of life which lead to a stressful life. Today stress has become one of the most dangerous enemy of of our health. Researches tell us that stress causes different types of critical diseases like heart attack, asthma, low or high blood pressure etc. Now, it’s has been mandatory to lead a stress free life to be healthier and happier.But, how?

Let’s have a look over the ways for stress free life-

[1] Do yoga-We just have celebrated Yoga Day on 21 June 2015. Yoga practice can dramatically change our life. Our sages have done a great job by discovering yoga techniques. There are numerous types of yoga aiming different objectives. We have several yoga techniques that may help us in reducing stress.So, start doing yoga under the guidance of a good trainer and start living a stress free life.

[2]Watch comedy movies or serials-Our environment plays a vital role in deciding our mood. A negative environment or circle always causes depression. Hence, change your environment now. Study books or magazines on humor. Watch movies or TV serials full of comedy. You will start to feel joy. Your life will become so enjoyable you never hope. Sorrows will flee a           

[3]Practice Sadhna- Sadhna is the most effective technique to release stress. More than billion people has adopted this technique to free from stress worldwide. You must try this one. Numerous books, online resources are available to learn to practice sadhna. You can search videos on this topic on U-tube. Start it today. Soon you will realize that you are on the right track towards a happy and cool life.

[4]Play with children- It’s a magical idea to play with children to free from stress.Children are gifted. They have no permanent worries or sadness. We can learn a lot from them. So, it’s said that ‘a child is the father of a man‘.

If you have children in your family, you must try this tip. Play with them, participate in whatever they do. However it may be full of foolishness. But, just do it. 

[5]Be sporty– Do you play any game?…Tennis, Badminton etc…start today. Just play one or two hours per day. You will start to feel better. 

Actually, to stay away from worries it is very essential to divert the mind. Whenever we are in stress, our mind is generally addicted to think about the reason causing the stress. Sometimes it becomes non-tolerable and some person take appropriate actions like suicide.

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