Believe to achieve

Intriduction: Once Osho gave an example. Go into a vacant room and sit on a chair. Start to think that you have headache. Just after some time you will feel headache. How does this happen? This is because your mind takes action according to your thinking. It directs the whole body to react in the similar way when you have headache in actual. Thus, you start to feel headache.

The above example will help you to understand the work pattern of the mind. Our mind is the most powerful armour we have. Once we understand it, we can get anything done by it. We can achieve anything by the help of it.

The discoveries and inventions made in the past are only due to the power of belief. Edison believed and discovered the bulb. There are many more examples too which can prove that before achieving anything we have to believe on it.

I have seen lots of people who want achieve many things. But, they don’t believe that they can achieve those things. They generally blame their fate for not achieving the things they want to have.

Let’s discuss the way by which we can achieve anything-

I. Write the goal you want to achieve- If you want to achieve anything, you must write it on your diary or on the cover page of your mobile so that you may see it many times a day. This is because our mind thinks about the things we are in touch on a regular basis. If we see our goal many times a day, it will continue to think over it which will be a success for us because to think about our goals continuously is the first step towards achieving it.

II. Start to plan for it- Once your mind starts to think about your goal continuously, the next step towards achieving it is to have a plan to achieve it. Make a plan to achieve your goal on a paper not only in mind because the plan which is on paper can be analysed daily and improved.

Daily analysis of the plan is necessary without which we can’t achieve anything in a time frame.Actually, daily analysis not only reminds us our goal but also it motivates us for keep trying. Again, no plan is perfect at first. But, by analyzing it daily we can gradually improve it.

III. Making a plan- Making a plan is also an art. A good plan helps us in achieving our goals in a time frame easily.

Take an example- Suppose you want to study a book which has 150 pages in just one month. Now, it’s clear that you have to read at lesay 5 pages per day. You can now set a daily target to read 6 or 7 pages per day to achieve the goal in the time frame.

Concluding the topic I can say that your journey towards achieving your goals starts with your belief that you can achieve any thing. So, start to believe upon yourself and doors of progress will automatically open for you.

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