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Answer Key(Chemistry) : 12th Board Exam-2020(BSEB)

GTS Mock Test(Math)-I : Rank List

Rank Name Place Marks(Out of 100)
I Prakash Kumar Ramjita 93
II Bittu Kumar Vinod Matihiniya 52
III Neelam Kumari Block Colony 47
IV Vidhi Srivastava G N/A
V Lucky Gupta G N/A
VI Smriti Kumari G N/A
VII Ishika Kumari G N/A
VIII Atul Kumar G N/A
IX Shital Kumari G N/A
X Juhi Kumari G N/A
XI Priya Kumari G N/A
XII Aditya Sharma Thawe N/A

To be continued…

VERMA Classes : Intro

Hi friends,

I ‘Diwakar Kumar Verma’ want to inform you that this icon is for my institute VERMA Classes. Whenever you click it, you will get updates about the institute.

You can also open it to know the ranks of students in the test series conducted by VERMA Classes for Math & Chemistry for 12th board exam 2020.

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