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Ways to stop wastage of time

One of the most valuable things gifted by god to us is ‘time’. Do you agree? We can neither increase a single moment of our life by any means nor we can stop it. Surprisingly, We waste it the most in useless gossips, sleeping more than we need and many other meaningless tasks.

Well, Let me ask you a question: If you offer one year extra life and one trillion dollar to a person about to die, what will he choose?…Of course, he will choose one year extra life because wealth is meaningless for that person. What would he do with money if he is not alive?

We have limited time in our life span. I’ve studied and analyzed many persons who lived for a short time but, they achieved a lot. Sriniwas Ramanujan who was a great Indian mathematician lived only about 33 years from 1887 to 1920. One of the most respectable saint of India Swami Vivekananda left the world in the age of 40.

I have also seen such persons who lived for more than 100 years without having any big achievement. In actual, people who don’t take time seriously and pass it casually are not able to do something great.

I always tell people through my seminars and blog to utilize each and every moment of life to achieve their goals of life. In this post, I am going to share some techniques that will help to utilize your maximum time everyday. Have a look:

I.Plan for the next day– Our maximum time is wasted because we have no plan to use it. Try this tip. Sit for just 15 minutes before going to bed & think about the tasks to be done next day. Note the tasks on a paper or a mobile with their timing as follows:

8am-Meeting with Mr X

10am-Doctor’s appointment

You can set a task for every second of your day.

II.Have a daily routine- A majority of people don’t have a routine due to which leads to the wastage of time. Successful people have a daily routine to utilize their time in the most productive way.
However, it’s very difficult to follow a routine on a daily basis. But, gradually we can be habitual of it. One thing is very important in this regard that a daily routine is a subject to be changed time to time.

III. Analysis of the day everyday- It is also essential to analyse your day. Before going to bed think for while that how much time you have wasted today & why? Note down the reason. I’ve found that this is a very effective way to improve ourselves.

IV.Read inspirational books- Inspirational books always motivate or encourage us to do good things. We must develop the habit of reading these books. You can find lots of books on self improvement, time management or success. Swett Marden has written a lot on self improvement. There are several other writers too.

However, such books are also available online. But, I would suggest you to buy books and read them offline. The impact of offline reading is great.

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