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How to be good at Mathematics?

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects we study. But, maximum students fear from it. I’ve experienced that students fear from it because they don’t know the best way to study it.

I’m just going to share some effective techniques to study math on the basis of my research and experience. I wish it will help you a lot whether you are a JEE or NEET aspirant or a student of any class.

I. Understand the concepts: The first step towards commanding mathematics is to study your text books line by line and to try to understand the theoretical part by the help of examples. To understand the concepts you may have to take help from your teacher.

II. Applications of concepts : The 2nd step is to grasp the applications of concepts. For doing so you must go through the example given before the exercises.

Maximum students skip the example section and attempt the exercise directly due to which they are not able to solve majority of questions. So, I always insist on solving example first. When you do examples you can observe the uses of different results and formulae.

III. Attempt the exercise : Once you go through all the examples, you should start to solve questions in the exercise. Try to solve questions on your own. It will help you to grow your thinking capacity.

If you are unable to solve any question, you can take help from examples or you teacher.

IV. Set a daily target : I always encourage students to follow the ‘Target Based Study. You can set a target of trying at least a definite number of questions per day. It generally helps not only in completing your syllabus in time but also it makes your study easier.

Suppose you have 5000 questions in your book and you have to finish it in a year i.e. 365 days. You just need to solve at least 15 days.

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